´╗┐Three Men

In the previous edition of the Pastors Pen, the topic was the first two battles of the Israelites. Through this study, we were able to understand the circumstances when, we too, must resist the opposition to our God-designed future. Today, the main characters involved in that story become the object lesson. From their response to … [Read more…]

When Do We Fight?

 “Stand still, the battle is not yours” is spoken by the Lord two times throughout the history if Israel. Yet, tucked away in the verses of Ecclesiastes chapter three, the statement, there is a time to go to war, can be found. This command for war, interestingly enough, precedes the declaration of peace. The preacher, … [Read more…]

Hidden Treasure!

Stories of hidden treasure often capture our attention and fuel our imagination. To a child, the word treasure creates dreams of finding a pirate’s map and digging up a buried chest. For grownups, hearing about someone finding a priceless antique while visiting a garage sale or rummaging through a dusty attic, keeps that dream alive.  … [Read more…]