Worship Where?

Abraham built an altar, Jacob found a stone, Joshua carried a tent, and Deborah found a tree. The Biblical story documents for us the many unusual places where God’s people have gathered to worship him.

In Acts 16, we are told of a church service being held by a riverside. House to house, upper rooms, town squares, shade trees, and even tents if you name a place you have just described the location where people seeking God found His presence and were invited to stand on Holy Ground.

Unlikely places, the belly of a whale, a lion’s den, the bottom of a well, beside a burning bush, and even in the middle of a fiery furnace, these are all places where God has shown up and shone out.  Even recently we have seen empty warehouses, storefronts, and brush arbors each transformed into locations of a powerful Pentecostal church service.

A few weeks ago, we too began a period of unusual church services. In the midst of a stay at home order, we moved our church service from our beautiful sanctuary onto streaming platforms & parking lot services. We have adapted. Today our church service changes again, fortunately, we are prepared for this episode of flexible church settings. Our living God no longer dwells in a box covered by golden angels’ wings, but He dwells in the hearts of men & women and He is covered by the sincere praise & pure worship of those who genuinely love Him.

Therefore, let’s move forward in faith and action, knowing we may be restricted but God remains unrestrained. We do have His promise that if we come together in His Name, He will be there. God can & will respond to our needs & desires anywhere, anytime, and any situation. With God all things are possible. Today the Lord is waiting patiently beside your Samaritan well for a choice encounter with you.

Pastor Alton Thornhill

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