Let the Mothers Arise!

Deborah’s song found in Judges 5, contains this verse, “Villages ceased in Israel—they ceased, till that I arose—Deborah, That I arose, a mother in Israel.” Using music and a song, she begins to tell a fantastic story of one mother’s influence on everyday life in Israel.

It happened during the days of courageous men and women such as Shamgar, who slew 600 enemy soldiers in one day, and Jael, the foreign woman who killed a general with a tent stake, that Israel chose new gods. Deborah points out that the “Ways” have ceased, and the religious are walking a crooked path. Because of that fact, war had become the norm. The roadways were empty, and the marketplaces silent.  Then Deborah call out for the greatest of all influencers in the history of mankind, teachers, and who is greater among those, than a mother?

Village life had ceased and everything Deborah called home had ended. I find it interesting that when Deborah had been pushed as far as she was willing to be pushed, when she had lost all she was willing to lose, when she finally said “No more,” she did not call herself a warrior, or prophetess, or even an Israelite, she called herself a Mother. The most powerful person alive, a mother.

We, in this hour, are being pushed. Everything we call “home” is being challenged and destroyed. I stand beside Deborah and say, “Let the Mother’s arise!”

Pastor Alton Thornhill

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