Most Christians are familiar with the phrase “When the day of Pentecost was fully come” because it marks the first day the promise of the Father was given. Pentecost was also the day when over 3100 people were born again, launching the greatest era in the history of the church.
It was also a time of great celebration for the early Church. Luke, the historian, in Acts 20 observes that Apostle Paul was doing everything possible to make it to Jerusalem for the annual Pentecost celebration. He knew that he would be wonderfully blessed by the atmosphere of praise and worship surrounding the location where this heavenly event took place. In his letter to the Corinthian church, Paul stated that he would be celebrating Pentecost in Ephesus that year. Paul, whose life was riddled with trouble, opposition, imprisonment, and beatings, anticipated Pentecost as a day when he would receive a blessing and gain spiritual strength. Although, he used every day as an opportunity to touch God, “I speak in tongues more than you all”, Pentecost was still a special event for Paul.
Pentecost Sunday can and should be a special event for you and I today. We have prepared for today with prayer and fasting. The only thing that can prevent you from leaving here today without the miracle you need is your attitude going into this service. Anticipation, expectation, and faith are the keys door to Heaven’s blessing today. Tell the Lord what you need, wrap that prayer in praise and propel it heavenward with worship and see what God will do for you today.
Pastor Alton Thornhill

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