Keep Moving Towards the Promise

Moses picked a dead-end street.  Escapees cannot afford mistakes, but Moses made a big one this time.  With an incredibly angry army behind and cliffs on both sides, Moses marches his people right up to the Red Sea. He had a good track record, ten for ten, with only one minor mistake.  That single mistake, … [Read more…]

Showers of Blessings

“We are not as those who have no hope!” The words of a man of faith echo through the corridors of time and ring in our ears today. Paul, in his letter to the Thessalonians, reminds Christians everywhere that we have Jesus and that he, alone, possesses an empty tomb. There is not one among … [Read more…]


Most Christians are familiar with the phrase “When the day of Pentecost was fully come” because it marks the first day the promise of the Father was given. Pentecost was also the day when over 3100 people were born again, launching the greatest era in the history of the church. It was also a time … [Read more…]

Let the Mothers Arise!

Deborah’s song found in Judges 5, contains this verse, “Villages ceased in Israel—they ceased, till that I arose—Deborah, That I arose, a mother in Israel.” Using music and a song, she begins to tell a fantastic story of one mother’s influence on everyday life in Israel. It happened during the days of courageous men and … [Read more…]

Worship Where?

Abraham built an altar, Jacob found a stone, Joshua carried a tent, and Deborah found a tree. The Biblical story documents for us the many unusual places where God’s people have gathered to worship him. In Acts 16, we are told of a church service being held by a riverside. House to house, upper rooms, … [Read more…]

Justified in the Spirit

In his letter to Timothy, Paul tells him that Jesus was justified in the Spirit. (1 Tim. 3:16) He was proven to be who he said he was, and all doubt was removed by visible proof. Luke, who did extensive interviews with eyewitnesses, also agrees with Paul when he wrote the statement “many infallible proofs” … [Read more…]