2020: the Year of Clear Vision

As the ink is drying on the pages of 2019, you and I can only reflect and learn. However, the ink that still flows through the pen, held by the hand of God, is poised to record our actions throughout the coming months. The kind of activity that brings the tremendous blessings that he longs for us to have.

In the book of Jeremiah, we hear God saying that his thoughts are revolving around a future for his people. Tomorrows that are filled with the kind of hope that delivers an expected end. This incredible statement was the response to God’s people believing that the preachers, bringing messages of strength and encouragement, had come from him.

God is still speaking to his people today. He talks about a church patterned after the book of Acts. A powerful church. A worshiping church. A church filled with hope. A church excited about the future.

Why would we not allow God to inscribe daily, on the pages that will soon be our history, the future designed for Turning Point Tabernacle? In the year of the clear vision, let’s race towards that expected end.

Bro Alton Thornhill