Wide Awake Ears

Last week we spoke about clear vision. This week we will discuss ears that are awake. Wide awake may seem like an odd thing to say about our ears, but it comes straight out of your Bible. Through Isaiah (ch.50) we hear Jesus say “The Lord GOD wakens my ear to listen.” He then makes a second unusual statement. “I have set my face like a flint.”

Our Lord is simply declaring that God had spoken to him and had given him a clear vision of the near future. He also promised to be with him. Because of the faith generated by that word, his spirit was filled with courage, firmness, and resolution. He had a made-up mind.

We here at Turning Point have also had our ears awakened. God has talked with us concerning the next few months. We must also, like Christ, allow faith to flood our hearts with an unalterable will to obtain God’s promises.

Bro Alton Thornhill