One Nation, Far From God

“What sex were you at birth?” I stared at the question in disbelief and read it a second time. Then, I read it once more to make sure I had read it right. There I was, sitting, in the parking lot of a minor care facility in Henderson, TX., in shocked disbelief. Have we strayed so far from the Christian principles our forefathers held to, here in America, that such a question was necessary?

The answer of course is yes, we have. “As in the days of Lot and Noah”  describes the America that we have become to a T. The question that naturally arises is this, Is there still hope for the citizens of this once God-fearing nation? I believe there is. Fortunately, God did not say, look at the moral condition of the society you live in, and decide whether or not His word was still valid. He did say, look at the sun, the moon, and the stars if you still see them, know of a certainty, my covenant is still intact.

“For the promise is unto you and to your children, and to them which are afar off..” We assume the “afar off” ones were those a long way away, but Peter was referring to those who were far from God spiritually. The message we hope in is still a message of hope for whosoever will. We must continue proclaiming our message of genuine hope, to a generation who only hear a message of absolute confusion.

Pastor Alton Thornhill