On Toward Thanksgiving!

This Thursday most Americans will enjoy the holiday we call Thanksgiving Day. A traditional event established in October 1691 when the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest in the New World. The thanksgiving meal was then observed off and on annually until 1863 when, then President Abe Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November to be a day of “Thanksgiving and praise to our Father in Heaven for his astonishing benefits”. (1)

Mr. Lincoln agreed, in his spirit, with King Solomon who wrote about giving God thanks a long time ago. Solomon said, ‘This is what I have seen. It is good and proper for one to eat and drink and enjoy the benefits of his hard work. God has given him this opportunity as his portion for his entire life. Everyone to whom God has given many blessings and given him control of them, should rejoice, for this is the gift of God.’ Solomon goes on to say that the person who celebrates and praises, does not dwell very much on the difficult days of his life, because God always awards him with joy in his heart. (2)

As the year 2020 ends and 2021 opens its days with renewed hope, we here at Turning Point Tabernacle understand well what is meant when someone says, “these are difficult days.” However, I would like to remind each of us that the celebration that Solomon saw as good and proper, he saw without a resurrected Christ.  This week, as we move On Towards Thanksgiving, I hope it is not only for a fabulous meal and great family time, but also a deliberate move toward a genuine day of “Thanksgiving and Praise.” Truly the joy of the LORD is my strength!

Pastor Alton Thornhill